Useful Contacts

  • If it is an emergency, please contact the Police on 000.
  • If you are part of a local Presbyterian church children’s ministry, and need to report an incident in relation to child safety, please contact a Ministry Coordinator or Minister of that church. The procedure for reporting disclosures of abuse can be found in the ‘Response Process‘ menu item.
  • If you are still unsure who to speak to, but need to make a report about an incident that has occurred within the Presbyterian Church of Queensland (current or historical), or if you have any questions about child safety within PCQ please contact the PresSafe Safety Administrator Chris Knapp on 0416 082 024 OR
  • If you are concerned for the current well-being of a child, (depending on which Australian state) please contact Child Services:
    Queensland Child Safety OR 
    Department for Child Protection (South Australia) OR 
    Territory Families (Northern Territory)
  • If you have any questions regarding a program or activity within a local PCQ church, please direct it to the Ministry Coordinator, Minister or an Elder within that church.
  • A Minister or Ministry Coordinator can use the Complaints and Allegations Report as required.