Working With Children Check

Volunteers who work with children within must hold a positive Working With Children Check (Blue Card [QLD], Ochre Card [NT], Screening Check [SA]) if their work falls into a relevant category (such as within a church setting), regardless of how often they will come into contact with children and young people, unless an exemption applies. The term ‘Working With Children Check’ applies to all States in Australia and refers to assessment applied to determine whether the applicant poses a risk to the safety of children. You must hold a valid Working With Children Check (or exemption) before you can commence working with children within PCQ.

In Queensland, you also do not require a Blue Card if you are a parent with a child participating in the program, activity or event OR are working 7 calendar days or less with children. However, in both of the situations you will need to declare that you are not a Restricted Person. You will be able to make this declaration as part of the PresSafe Agreement.

If not already underway, your Ministry Coordinator or Minister can assist you in applying for a Working With Children Check. This will take time to process, so please make sure you have allowed enough time to have your Working With Children Check completed before you are due to commence your leadership role. Your Working With Children Check will need to be regularly renewed.

Blue Card Services (Queensland)

Ochre Card (Northern Territory)

Screening Check (South Australia)