The safety and well-being of children is important for the Presbyterian Church of Queensland (PCQ). We are committed to transparency in our interactions with children. The following information is what to expect when your child (Under 18 years) comes to a ministry of a local PCQ Church. Please contact your local church’s Ministry Coordinator or Minister if you have any concerns.


Your permission is required for your child to participate in an age-appropriate ministry and its related activities at your local Presbyterian Church. This permission may take place at the beginning of a calendar year for the year’s program.

You will be asked to:
Approve your child to attend the relevant ministry. 
Acknowledge photographs and images of your child may be taken and published, including via social media platforms. You can advise if you do not wish this to occur.
Approve the means of communicating with your child (see ‘Communication’ below)
Approve transport arrangements.
You will also be asked to provide up-to-date information about your child, including any relevant personal or medical information. This information is covered by the PCQ Privacy Policy and will be used by the Ministry Coordinator to ensure the safety and well-being of your child.


Leaders will be made aware of your preferences regarding the use of images of your child (including videos). The local church social media platforms will be monitored and parents and children will be advised on acceptable social media behaviour, as required.

Acceptable social media behaviour includes:
Respecting your child if they do not wish to photographed.
Respecting your indicated permission for images of your child.
No disclosing of personal information or address of a child in comments or depictions.
No embarrassing or offensive photos to be taken or published.


The following table indicates appropriate contact and content of communications between leaders and children. You are able to specify your preferred means of direct contact for your child by leaders – or if you would prefer all contact to be via yourself.


Your permission is required for your child to travel with approved leaders or helpers. These persons must be appropriately licensed (no learner licensed drivers) with a vehicle fit for purpose, driving according to road conditions and rules. Children are not to travel alone with a leader unless approved by local church leadership (Session) and the Parent or Guardian.


All leaders participating in ministry to young people must hold a current Working With Children Check, have been interviewed, approved by church leadership and have undergone relevant training (and participate in future training and development). Your child will be appropriately supervised during the ministry program. This includes:
Meeting leader/child supervision ratios;
Appropriate contact between leaders and children;
Treating children with respect and courtesy;
Transparency in behaviour – e.g. avoiding private conversations that are not witnessed.


You and your child will be advised of the expected standard of behaviour of those attending the Children’s Ministry. In general, children are expected to be courteous, follow instructions, be respectful of other children. Any behaviour that is unable to be managed will be referred to the child’s parent.