PresSafe Officers

Within PCQ there are roles to facilitate the effective management of PresSafe within PCQ.

PresSafe Risk Management Officer &
PresSafe Safety Administrator
Wayne Knapp  0404 474 419 
Wayne is appointed by the Commission of Assembly. As PresSafe Risk Management Officer, he oversees denominational Children’s Ministry and is the point of contact concerning child harm or abuse concerns and liaising with external bodies. The officer may delegate responsibilities in consultation with the Clerk of the Assembly.

As Safety Administrator he is responsible for developing and implementing strategies to prevent harm, and assisting charges to maintain compliance with the National Child Safe Standards, Work Health and Safety legislation, and Church policies and procedures.

Please contact Wayne if you have any questions re matters of concern.

PresSafe Systems & Training Administrator
Stuart Hoadley  0404 474 419 
Stuart is delegated by the Commission of Assembly to develop and implement PresSafe training within PCQ. He also assists churches in understanding and implementing the PresSafe system as the Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy required by Government.

He has a delegated responsibility from the RMO to review and approve camping programs and high risk activities. His role is ensuring that those conducting high risk activities understand the nature of the risks involved and implement appropriate risk management plans to prevent harm.

Please contact Stu if you have any questions concerning training or conducting activities.