PresSafe Officers

Within PCQ there are roles to facilitate the effective management of the PresSafe system.


Helen Underwood  0499 599 741

Helen is appointed by the PCQ Assembly. Helen is the first point of contact within PCQ for any child harm concerns or disclosures of abuse. She liaises with external authorities such as police and Child Safety Services.

She oversees risk management within PCQ’s Ministry to Children by reviewing and approving Risk Management Plans for high risk activities and special events, such as camping. These plans are a requirement to ensure risks are identified and appropriate risk management controls are in place to prevent harm to children.

Please contact Helen if you have any questions about matters of concern with child safety.

Stuart Hoadley  0407 408 067

As PCQ Clerk of Assembly, Stuart is responsible for implementing strategies to prevent harm to children, and assisting Charges to maintain compliance with the National Child Safe Standards and PCQ PresSafe policies and procedures. He is responsible to ensure the development and implementation of PresSafe training within PCQ. He also assists churches in understanding and implementing PresSafe; i.e., PCQ’s Child and Youth Risk Management System as required under the Working With Children (Risk Management and Screening) Act 2000.

Please contact Stuart if you have any questions concerning training or implantation and compliance with the PresSafe system.